International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath
Alain Grouette

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Corporate Executive Coaching

      This is specific individualized personal counselling and energy coaching support for people who are in high corporate executive positions. These sessions will help you look at stress management, self care and empowering leadership models. You will receive help and support to expand your conscious awareness of your corporate res-ponsibilities from an individual perspective to a global perspective. You will be able to identify what is giving you energy, what is neutral or what is depleting your energy. There are different possibilities of support;
1. Individual sessions on an ongoing basis. 
2. Observational sessions on your work site with a complete analysis of your behavioural energy relationship dynamics with your immediate staff.
3. Group sessions with your immediate staff.
4. Group sessions with your Department Directors.
5. Group sessions with your whole company.
      Alain has had the opportunity to support Executives in the past as well as Business Coaches.
      His college degree is in Computer Business Administration. During his years in the corporate world with Wang, Banyan Systems, Standard Life Assurance Company, Alain received different training models in particular with Development Dimensions Int’l Inc. to facilitate executive decision process models for individuals and groups. He also had the opportunity to train teachers for these models. Then through his various subtle energy psychodynamics studies he was able to integrate different stress management techniques for individuals and groups. There were also studies and applications in cybernetics. His coaching style has also been called "energy coaching".