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      Alain has been teaching students, training teachers and creating, reviewing curriculums for more than 35 years. His teaching experience covers different fields such as arts, sports, complementary health, corporate computer businesses, subtle energy psychodynamics and personal process. Alain received different levels of professional training as a teacher. A course usually is 2 days long and held on weekends. There is also the possibility to do one monthly 1-hour segment over several months to cover a specific subject.

1. Developing a Professional Practice

      This 2-day course is an exercise in creating a plan to start a professional practice. Here are some topics we will look at;

      - How much will you charge for a session?

      - Laws and legal issues

      - A Business Plan

      - Insurances

      - Accounting

      - Associations - Codes of Ethics

      - Promotion/Marketing


      - How to present yourself

      - Your working space – A sacred space

      - Adapting your professional language

      - Client files

      - Follow up files

      - Consent form

      - Changing your fee

      - Supervision

      - Selling products


2. The subtle Energy Relationship in your Practice 

      This 2-day course is for practitioners that meet with clients one-on-one. You will explore the subtle energy dynamics already present in a practice between a practitioner and his/her clients. You will practice different exercises that will help you perceive this subtle energy dynamic and use this new conscious awareness to better support and help your clients. 


The Course Outline;

      - Introduction

      - Why study the energy relationship between a practitioner and his client?

      - The therapeutic relationship beyond our basic practice

      - Non-verbal communication and dynamics

      - The cognitive model

      - The intuitive model

      - Psychology models

      - Subtle Energy Psychodynamics

      - The physiology of emotions

      - The practitioner in the therapeutic relationship

      - Basic techniques in a therapeutic relationship

      - Transference and counter-transference 

      - Your support team

      - Conclusion

      - Exercises


3. Personalized courses

      We can create and set up a course for your specific needs.


4. Individual training

      We offer you the possibility of individual personalized training at a rhythm of one session at a time in subtle energy facilitation and psychodynamics hands on healing. 

International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath
Alain Grouette