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​​consultation fees

      Each individual in-person or long distance session lasts fifty minutes (50 minutes) at a cost of $120.00 Canadian currency payable by check or PayPal to Alain Grouette. A first session needs to be paid in advance. Taxes are included in the session cost where applicable.


     For fees and costs for Lectures, Workshops, Courses and/or consulting contracts please fill out the Contact Form. Thank you. 


      You will receive a receipt for your private insurance or income tax report* if applicable in your country or region.

      Receipts are partially or completely refundable by 30 different certified insurance companies in Canada. Please check with your insurance company if you can be refunded for your session costs in your area.

     *IMPORTANT: If you are a professional helper, an independent worker or self-employed, your sessions may be deductible as a professional business expense. Usually sessions can be deducted as Supervision, Training, Coaching or other.       

     Please check with your accountant the income tax laws of your region.


     Pour les résidents de la province de Québec veuillez compléter le formulaire Contact Form pour avoir les coûts d'une session ou pour un contrat de consultation au Québec. Merci.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

     The result of a client cancelling an appointment without any notice has a great impact on my consulting practice. When making a reservation for an appointment, a client agrees to give a 48 hours notice to cancel the reservation and agrees to pay the full amount of the consultation fee if failure to give notice of cancellation. You will receive a receipt for a paid cancelled session.


Alain Grouette
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