International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath
Alain Grouette

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Group dynamics and process

      Alain offers you his 30 years of experience in group process and dynamics facilitation. Whatever your environment may be;
            - Administrative
            - Artistic
            - Pedagogic
            - Alternative, complementary or integrative medicine
            - Sports
             - Others

      There are 2 possibilities here;
            1. Helping each individual in a group share, discuss, present his/her individual intention in being within a group. Then we will look at how it is possible to integrate each group member’s individual intention into the group intention and reason to be for the goal to be reached by the group. We will also look at the relational energy psychodynamics between the people in the group.
           2. Helping individuals in their personal healing journey through subtle energy psychodynamics group process. Being in a group dynamic allows for relational dynamics to be explored in the moment. Witnessing others in their healing process is also healing for all in a group through inductive, proxy subtle energy awareness dynamics.