In-Person or Long distance* individual sessions

integrative support 

      This is the unique integration of different subtle energy psychodynamics modalities, Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation techniques,
Barbara Brennan Healing Science & Integration Work, and Naturopathy.


Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation, 

Brennan Healing Science® 

Brennan Integration Work®

      HEALING ENERGY AWARENESS FACILITATION is a set of different techniques Alain has learned, created and developed to help someone experience their inner natural creative healing life pulses, their "subtle energy". This phenomenon occurs naturally.

Personal development, transformation and wellbeing

     Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing facilitation is a set of relational dynamics, counselling and energy coaching style techniques using concepts related to intellectual, mental, cognitive functions and their effects on physical, emotional and spiritual health.


      Naturopathy aims at normalizing, stimulating and balancing your physiological functions through natural means without harming you. The goal is to help your body activate its own natural healing capacities. 

* Long Distance sessions are done via internet with skype​, facetime, EMAIL or TELEPHONE.

Services Offered

International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath
Alain Grouette

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Sometimes we can

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consulting services


      You have started your practice. Congratulations! It is recommended for most professional modalities to have on going supervision and emotional support in your practice.

professional practice support

      You have finally graduated from a program that allows you to practice professionally and you wish to begin a private practice.

relationship support

      These sessions are for anyone that would like to work on a specific relationship. You can explore a relationship individually, in a couple or family set up.

corporate executive coaching

        This is specific individualized personal counselling and energy coaching support for people who are in high corporate executive positions. These sessions can help you look at stress management, self care and empowering leadership models.


   This service can be an individualized 
personal or group dynamic work to present
and demonstrate with the help of exercises and
experientials an empowering leadership model. The goal is to help you as a leader or a group to establish a clear intention and goal.

facilitating your creative process

​      This individualized personal process or group process presents and demonstrates, with the help of exercises and experientials, a creative process model that initiates from our subtle energy as well as our intellectual, mental, rational or logical abilities.

educational establishments

​      Support for starting a school, the creation and maintenance of your educational curriculum in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine. 
Building your curriculum. Training your teachers.

group dynamics and process

      There are 2 possibilities here; 1. Helping each individual in a group share, discuss, present his/her individual intention in being within a group.

2. Helping individuals in their personal healing journey through subtle energy psychodynamics group process. 

healing circle

      This is a gathering of people to create a "Sacred Space" of Subtle Energy Healing Awareness with the purpose to initiate and facilitate a healing process for an individual, a group or specific goal.

Residential School Syndrome Support

      This is specific energy psychodynamics help for people that are affected by the Residential School Syndrome(RSS).