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Alain Grouette

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 healing Energy Awareness facilitation 



       The basic principle of Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation and Subtle Energy Psychodynamics is quite simple. The idea is for you to simply identify what gives you energy, what energizes you, what is neutral and/or what depletes your energy.

       All is energy. The wisdom of this information has been part of Humanity through many traditional cultures, philosophies, spirituality or other, wether ancient or modern. Science is confirming this statement more and more.

      Alain has learned, created and developed many different techniques over the years that he likes to call “Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation.” These techniques are used to help someone experience their inner natural creative healing life pulses, their subtle energy. There are so many different ways we separate, disconnect from this natural state of being. Alain has been integrating many different modalities that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to anyone’s unique healing process. With Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation you can learn what it is that keeps you from letting this creative healing subtle energy express itself effortlessly in you, for you. You can learn to surrender to the unique aspect of your Essence, your core qualities, your natural innate healing process. 

      Throughout humankind's history one major theme to emerge has been about the innate, natural, and infinite creative abilities human beings have. This innate and natural creative process is the effortless expression of a "subtle energy" which is continuously unfolding moment to moment. This subtle creative energy has been named many different things: chi, ki, prana, the force, love, kundalini, orgone, space energy, zero-point energy, aura field energy, energy of thought, energy of consciousness, spiritual energy, life-force energy, ether/aether/eter, vril, energy of intention, and/or intuition. From a scientific perspective, the subtle energy principle appears to be compatible with the theories of Quantum Physics.

      Ancient traditions across multiple cultures and civilizations observed that when we human beings cannot express our creativity, one way or another, we become troubled and/or sick. Modern psychology is confirming this reality more and more. When we simply let ourselves experience this innate and natural state of creativity, Joy, Bliss, Serenity, Health, Wellbeing, can effortlessly manifest in our lives. There have been many attempts to try and explain this phenomenon, experienced by so many people, whether it be through spirituality, mythology, mysticism, religion, sciences, shamanism, arts ... All these attempts mention that this state of being is unexplainable, ineffable. Trying to explain this natural state of being today is still a challenge. Although it is unexplainable, it can surely be experienced.

      Human history has also bequeathed us with the wisdom that creativity and its subtle energetic process of manifestation is often a transforming and transcending experience. Wellbeing can be experienced in the creative process as much as in the creative result it self.


      Brennan Integration Work® is first, a 4-year academic program specialized in Brennan Healing Science®, followed by a 2-year Brennan Integration Work and Supervision® advanced training program. This science is a process of integration and harmony. It brings balance of your physical body, emotions, energy and spirituality using energy hands on psychodynamics. The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is licensed by the “Florida Commission for Independent Education”. The Brennan Healing Science Practitioner diploma is recognized as a Bachelor of Science degree.  It is recognized by the "Austrian principalship of the Inter-university College for Health and Development" in Graz, Austria, which receives BBSH graduates into their Master degree in complementary, psychosocial and integrated health sciences. Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are also recognized in the UK and integrated into the public and private medical system.


      All of these have in common; the "Human Subtle Energy Dimensions” (HSED).

      We are beings of subtle energy!

      Brennan Healing Science and Integration Work are a set of Hands On Healing techniques to clean, charge, balance and stabilize the HSED as well as a set of psycho energetic development skills used to bring to conscious awareness any dynamics that can bring on stagnation, blockage, a lack and/or a stop of the circulation of the energy in the HSED.

​      During a session, we will first discuss your needs. Then, while you lie down comfortably, we will proceed to clean, unblock, charge, balance and/or stabilize your subtle energy. After the energy work, you will stay lying down for about 5 minutes. Finally, we may close with just a brief chat. The awakening process can happen as we go along during the session and/or after on your own by simply integrating the subtle energy work in your being.