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If you wish to join the Inner Peace Contemplation session please fill out the form and indicate in the Subject Box; Inner Peace Contemplation.


Dates: On-going
     Inner Peace Contemplation is a once a month free session when Alain facilitates a Sacred Subtle Energy Space for you to contemplate an issue you would like to explore at a deeper level. You may not be alone. Many different people from all over the World may be joining in.
     Your are invited to sit with your back straight with your hands on your knees and eyes slightly open unfocused on a point in front of you. You may also lie down. In any way, make yourself comfortable.
     The idea is to not do anything. Simply relax and breath naturally. Let yourself be with the issue. Let your inner natural flow of subtle creative energy bring any insights and peace to you with the issue you wish to explore.
​     This Inner Peace Contemplation will happen every first Tuesday of the month at 15h00,  GMT minus 5 hours, Eastern US & Canada Time Zone. The contemplation session lasts 50 minutes and is free of charge.
     If you wish to join us please fill in the form below indicating; INNER PEACE CONTEMPLATION in the Subject box.​​​