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Alain Grouette

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      Naturopathy aims at normalizing, stimulating and balancing your physiological functions through natural means without harming you. The goal is to help your body activate its own natural healing capacities.
Your genetic, family, environmental, nutritional factors are taken into consideration to understand your uniqueness and help you find your natural path to a healthy life.
Naturopathy demands the understanding and the know-how in many complementary modalities. Knowing how to use these modalities judiciously in respect to your own unique condition is the foundation of the “ART of Naturopathy”.

Simple protocol
One consultation at a time as needed.
During a visit, I will gather general information about your medical history, your symptoms by physiological systems, and your nutritional habits concerning your specific condition. Knowing your blood type will help me give you added personalized information. At the end of the consultation, you will receive immediate specific personalized recommendations picked from the following biotherapies;

·      Nutrition by physiological systems, symptoms and/or blood type

·      Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

·      Medicinal herbs and plants

·      General homeopathy

·      Schussler Salts

·      Trace mineral elements

·      Aromatherapy

·      Body therapies

·      Environmental therapies

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ou will have a list of recommendations to choose from.