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Alain Grouette

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 Professional Practice Support

You have finally graduated from a program that allows you to practice professionally to help people and you wish to begin a private practice. 

      How much will you charge for a session?

      - Laws and legal issues

      - A Business Plan

      - Insurances

      - Accounting

      - Associations - Codes of Ethics

      - Promotion/Marketing


      - How do you want to present yourself?

      - Your working space – A sacred space

      - Adapting your professional language

      - Client files

      - Follow up files

      - Consent form

      - Changing your fee

      - Supervision

      - Selling products

These are themes and questions you will come upon. Establishing yourself as a professional practitioner requires some basic knowledge of the business aspects of your profession. Alain can support you in establishing the business aspects of your practice and the personal issues that can arise as you start your practice. You will receive practical ways to find your unique qualities and promote these for your practice.  You will also be able to identify what emotional support you may need. You will be supported to manifest your practice from theory to a successful business practice.