Alain Grouette

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International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath


Date of birth: February 1st, 1955 
Place of birth: Hearst, Ontario - Canada
Civil status: Married
Citizenship: Canadian
Written and spoken languages: French and English.



From January 2001 until January 2003
Graduate of a 2-year “Case Leader Internship” training program from the “Barbara Brennan School of Healing®”. 

From October 2000 to June 2002
Graduate of the “Brennan Integration Work® Practitioner & Supervisor” 2-year training program for teachers from the “Barbara Brennan School of Healing”. This program also includes specific training for long distance sessions via telephone, email and Internet.

From September 1999 to September 2001
Graduate of the 2-year “Teacher Training Program” from the “Barbara Brennan School of Healing”.

From August 1993 to June 1997
Graduate of the 4-year “Barbara Brennan School of Healing” program as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. This program includes specific training for long distance sessions.

From June 1989 to June 1992
Graduate of a Certified Naturopath Diploma from “l'École d'Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec” (EESNQ) and “l'Université Libre des Sciences de l'Homme de Paris” (ULSHP). 

From May 1984 to August 1985
With Employment and Immigration Canada, through their National Adult Business Integration program, I received a College Certificate as an Analyst-Programmer in Business Computer Science, at the “Collège de Maisonneuve”, in Montréal.

For the last 5 years
I have been doing independent personal research on Subtle Energy Healing facilitation work and psychodynamics in the World. The result of this research is partly expressed in the Beingness Institution web site and curriculum.

For 22 years, from 1993-2015
I followed continued education through the Barbara Brennan School of Healing “Healing Medicine and Disease” lectures. I followed over 15 hours per year covering all types of themes presented by various professionals from all types of health modalities from all over the World. 

From December 2004 until 2012
I did private Continued Education Training in Jungian psychoanalysis with Dr. Marcel Gaumond Ph. D. - Jungian Psychoanalyst in Quebec City.

From October 1993 until December 2004
I did private Continued Education Training in Psychotherapy, Body Psychotherapy and Psychodynamics with Dr. Pierre Gauthier Ph. D. in Montreal.

From January 1986 to June 1987
I did some private studies in Psychodynamics of the Human Energy field with Maurice Beaulieu in Montreal.

- Adult Teaching Skills, Andragogy with Banyan Corporate Education 1993
- Instructor for the facilitators of “Techniques for an Empowered Workforce” and of “The Empowering Leader” with Development Dimensions Int’l Inc. 1992
- Instructor for the moderators of “Management by Interaction” with Development Dimensions Int’l Inc. 1992
- Instructor for the moderators of the “Quality Leadership Program” and of the “Leadership Empowerment Program” with Wang Corporate Education 1991

- I have my practice as an International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Brennan Healing Science* Practitioner, Brennan Integration Work Practitioner and Supervisor, Healer, Certified Naturopath, Speaker and Consultant in Quebec City Canada. I offer in-person and long distance sessions using the telephone, email, Skype or Facetime through the Internet. My practice is international and integrates different modalities. I have specific training to do long distance sessions. I have been involved in Natural Health for more than 45 years. I have been practicing full time for 23 years and was practicing part time for 20 years before that. I have also been teaching for the last 35 years.

* The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is licensed by the “Florida Commission for Independent Education”. The Brennan Healing Science Practitioner diploma is recognized as a Bachelor of Science degree.  It is recognized by the "Austrian principalship of the Inter-University College for Health and Development" in Graz, Austria, which receives BBSH graduates into their Master degree in complementary, psychosocial and integrated health sciences. Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are also recognized in the UK and integrated into the UK public and private medical systems.

June 30th, 2018
I created a one-day workshop "Behind Your Mask - A Journey To Your True Self" which was facilitated by Fausta Rendall, Joana Vaconcelos and I. This workshop was one of the activities for the launch of Joana Vasconcelos's "I'm Your Mirror" Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in Spain on June 29th, 2018.

June 27, 2018
I was invited as a one of the speakers for a public round table at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain for the Joana Vasconcelos "I'm Your Mirror" Exhibition. The round table theme was "The Mask". Joana Vasconcelos - world renowned artist, Petra Joos - curator at the Guggenheim Musuem Bilbao and Enrique Juncosa - independent curator, were also speakers.

April 2017 until June 2018
I was part of the Facilitation Team for the Beingness Institute’s start-up in Sanremo, Italy. I taught for the Beingness Institute via the Internet from September 2017 until June 2018.

October 2017
I created and facilitated a workshop entitled  "The Subtle Energy of Leadership" for the Corpo Infinito center in Lisbon, Portugal.

January - November 2016
​I joined the Start-up group that founded the Beingness Institute: More specifically I became a member of the Curriculum Development group. We created Professional Practitioner Programs and Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing Programs. We worked on Accredited University Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D. curriculums. The Beingness Institute is specialized in Subtle Energy Healing Awareness & Facilitation.

April - November 2016
I created a workshop entitled "The Subtle Energy of Creativity". I facilitated this workshop in Geneva Switzerland, Schlehdorf Germany and at the Atelier de Joana Vasconcelos in Lisbon, Portugal.

October 2016
I did a consulting contract with Roche Pharma in Germany. This one-day workshop entitled "A Mindful Approach to Leadership, Relational and Group Dynamics" was created and facilitated specifically for high management workers at Roche Pharma. I am under contract with Roche Pharma doing on-going individual energy coaching sessions with some of their employees and managers.

October 2016
I created and facilitated a 5-day workshop in Schlehdorf, Germany. The workshop theme was: " Advanced Healing, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal Abilities and Process Exploration". 

June - November 2015
I facilitated the coming together of a group of people in Brussels, Belgium to explore the possibility of starting a new organization or school in Europe to teach and promote subtle energy healing. 

June 1999 - May 2015
I was Dean of the Year 4 Professional Studies Program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe from June 2008 until May 2015.  I was Senior Teacher, Project Advisor & Case Leader at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing from 2004 until 2008 in Europe in the year 1, 2 & 4 programs. I was Assistant Dean at BBSHE for the Year 4 graduate program in 2007 & 2008. I was also an international consultant for BBSH in the United States from 1999 until 2008.

August 2010
I was contracted for seven days, as a subtle energy psychodynamics therapist and consultant by the Mental Health and Social Services (Tlicho Community Services Agency, North West Territories) to support their staff. During this time I also completed a brief study to evaluate the possibility of having social workers working on the streets in the community. 

July 2006
I was hired for a 9 days contract as a subtle energy psychodynamics therapist and consultant to support a team of social workers, psychologists, a psychiatrist and First Nation Elders. The members of this team were available on demand to help participants of a North West Territories Residential School Survivors reunion in Inuvik, NT, Canada. With the help of another colleague, we facilitated group process and were available when needed, for individual private sessions for the support of team members, the lecturers and any member of the executive committee of the Beaufort-Delta Residential School Society organizing the event.

From September 2000 to August 2004
I was Director of the English Program for the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in Montreal (AMCC). This college offers long distance learning programs in Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine.  I supervised the translation of the curriculum from the French “Collège des Médecines Douces du Québec”. I participated in the creation of the AMCC. I developed and supervised the creation of the higher education programs for the French and English colleges. I was also teaching and tutoring students at the higher education level.

From 2000 until today
I have presented many different weekend workshops in French and English exploring different themes as well as specifically introducing the Fundamentals of Practice of Brennan Healing Science in Canada and Europe. I translated the teaching material for this workshop from English to French for BBSH.

From February 1995 to April 2004
My wife and I were the owners of a Health Food Store called Bio Gaya. We had more than 3350 square feet in Kirkland, Qc, Canada. We operated the store with the help of 10 employees. My in-person sessions consulting practice in Holistic Naturopathy, Subtle Energy Psychodynamics & Brennan Healing Science & Integration Work was then in the premises at Bio Gaya. 

- In 1992 and 1995, I was unanimously elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the “École d’enseignement supérieur de naturopathie du Québec”.
- I am a self-taught composer, songwriter and singer. Between 1975 and 1983, I recorded one LP, 3 singles and many radio and television shows. I still take time to write and compose. My music can be heard on the internet.


- National Association of Naturopaths & Canadian Order of Practitioners of Naturopathy and Naturotherapy - #3631

- SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

- The “Association des naturopathes agréé(es) du Québec - ANAQ”  #GALA-960901-1, founding member in 1992 until 2011
- The “Société Québécoise des Psychothérapeutes Professionnels (les)” (SQPP) in 2004

​I am the founder and owner of Wakan Consultants.