Connectivity - Relational Cords Internet Class

You are invited to join an Internet Class entitled;
                    “The Subtle Energy of Connectivity - Relational Cords" 

Class Purpose
      This class has been created to introduce you to the concepts and principles of "The Subtle Energy of Connectivity - Relational Cords" and deepen your experience of being connected with everything.
      Practice one proposed Relational Cord(s) Healing Technique.
      Explore and consider Your Unique Way of facilitating Subtle Energy Connectivity.
      Live the incredible experience of the Power of Subtle Energy Connectivity in your relationships.

Dates: Friday, November 16th 2018
Duration: 3 hours, 8 am – 11 am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5, New York City time)
Location: In the comfort of your space wherever you are in the World
Costs: $100.00 CAD - Canadian currency. About 60 Euros, 60 UK Pounds, $80US
Audience: Anyone that has attended a subtle energy school teaching healing techniques or any self-taught healer. The class is in English. 
Alain Grouette

Information, Registration and Logistics:
Class Experience
     This is an opportunity for you to receive a review and an updated analysis of subtle energy connectivity models in the World. You will have the chance to identify, explore and practice your unique healing facilitation abilities and qualities. 
     This playful experimental environment is open to help you:

  • Review basic concepts and principles of Subtle Energy Models
  • Discover the subtle energy concepts and principles of Subtle Energy Connectivity mostly experienced in non-verbal communication.
  • Explore different types of connectivity and possible basic healing facilitation for each of the following;
    • Chakra to Chakra relational cords
    • Genetic cords
    • Heritage threads
    • Soul to Soul connections
    • Self-relational cords
    • Root connections
    • Navel connection
    • States of Beingness connection
    • The difference between relational cords and bioplasmic streamers.

      Deepen and expand your Unique Way of facilitating Relational cord(s) healing techniques by practicing one proposed basic model.

- You need a computer with a camera, speakers and a microphone
- You need a table set up with an in-person or long-distance client for the practice segment
- You need the free Zoom conference application set up on your computer. You will receive a Zoom invitation to connect to the class conference call one week before class. You will be able to set up your free Zoom software using this invitation link at any moment you wish on your computer if you don't already have Zoom. You will use this same invitation link to connect to the class on the day of class. 

- 15 minutes to set up each participant's computer and camera so I can see you while you will be practicing
- 55 minutes of presentation on the "Concepts and Principles of Subtle Energy Connectivity and Relational Cord(s)", and healing techniques.
- 10-minute break
- 10 minutes to review the relational cord(s) proposed practice healing technique
- 70 minutes of guided healing practice
- 20-minute Q&A and closing
You will receive a PDF copy of the presentation with comments and full references one week before the class, so we can optimize our time together. The class is open for comments and questions at any time.

Registration, Payment and Cancelation
Please register at There is a limit of 20 participants.
There is a $50CAD deposit to be paid before the class via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, I will send you an email PayPal money request, so you can pay with a credit or debit card depending where you are in the World. The second payment is due after the class using the same payment procedure.
If you cancel your participation during the week before class, your deposit will be kept if I cannot replace you with someone else. If your participation can be replaced, you will receive a refund of your deposit less a minimum $5CAD administration fee for PayPal or any other bank transfer administration fee that would have been taken to receive your deposit.
You will receive a Receipt for your taxes and a Certificate of Attendance for any Continued Education credits if you wish.

If you have any questions please email


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