Alain Grouette

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International Subtle Energy Psychodynamics Therapist, Consultant, Teacher, Supervisor, Speaker and Naturopath


      Alain has been facilitating and creating workshops for many years starting in his teens when he was a summer camp monitor. His experience range covers different fields such as arts, sports, complementary health, corporate computer 
businesses, subtle energy psychodynamics, healing energy awareness, transpersonal, depth, body centred energy therapy and personal process.
Alain received different professional training as a workshop creator, facilitator and leader. Workshops can either be weekends or 5 days long.​

      Here are suggested themes;
            - Empowering Leadership
            - Letting Go
            - The Subtle Energy of Creativity
            - Teacher Training
            - Advanced Healing Techniques
            - Facilitating Group Dynamics
            - The Healing Energy of the Masculine Essence
            - Open Group Psychodynamics Process
            - Couple's Explorations
            - The Subtle Energy of the Performing Arts 
            - Transforming Fear, Hate & Anger
            - Starting, Maintaining a Helper's Practice
            - Eros, Sensuality, Sexuality, Spirituality
            - Setting Up and Presenting a Workshop

            - Relationships - Connecting

      Here are detailed themes;


      This is a 5 days workshop usually from Wednesday morning until Sunday afternoon. In this workshop you will learn by demonstration and practice some of these techniques;

  • - Advanced relational energy cords healing to others and to self
  • - Heritage cord healing
  • - Gene specific healing
  • - Multidimensional Unmanifest to Manifest Healing
  • - Differentiating energy cords from bioplasmic aura streamers
  • - Aligning the incarnational purpose of a client
  • - Stand up healing
  • - Working with Cancer and major diseases
  • - Supporting surgical procedures
  • - Perceiving and aligning with the Divine Plan of a client
  • - Advanced High Sense, Extra Sensory & Paranormal Perception
  • - Differentiating the Aura from Subtle Energy
  • - Other

      This is a weekend workshop from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. It is an introduction to Dr. Barbara Brennan’s Brennan Healing Science model as taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the United States. 
      - Discover a sophisticated and powerful model of the Human Energy Field (Aura) that can change your life.
      - Transform your personal and business relationships through a new awareness of energy dynamics, psychology and spirituality.
      - Experience the power of energy healing techniques as taught at the premier healing school in the world.

     Personalized workshops

      We are available to create and set up a workshop for your specific needs. For more information please use the Contact form. Tx.